Video Exploration: Blackbaud CRM and the Ad Hoc Workload

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  • On Today's Episode:

On Today's Episode:

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We've been discussing the hardware demands of Blackbaud CRM, and how hard it can be on SQL here on the Better Ideas Blog.

Today, Trent Spaulding digs into the ad hoc nature of Blackbaud CRM's workload, and how it impacts your performance.

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In this video, Alex discusses transparency within a managed hosting environment from a few different angles.
We've been discussing poor performance from Blackbaud CRM over the past few articles. It's time to discuss what that really looks like.
It's one thing to know you're experiencing a performance issue. It's another to understand why. Let's explore why Blackbaud CRM is so hard on SQL hardware.
You ever get the feeling like something isn't quite right with your current Blackbaud CRM hosting arrangement? You might be onto something.
Learn about the 3 most common reasons for slow queries in Blackbaud CRM: A poorly written query, resource contention, and index issues.