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A dedicated team of mission-driven professionals hellbent on transforming the way data works for the world.

Our Mission

To be the very best

To never have to choose between limited flexibility with hosting or the daunting challenge of managing hosting and third parties yourself. At Concourse, we’ve made digital transformation the core of our services to help unlock the power


Complicated made simple, with more than enough room to grow.


Tailored and Secured for your peace of mind, guaranteed.

Co-Pilot Rule

Every change and modification monitored by a dedicated team of two experts.


Nothing but the best from our Hardware to our Partners.

Cloud Solutions & Services

Mission Critical

Our commitment to supporting nonprofits stems from a deep belief in the power of technology to facilitate change. We know that for mission-critical projects, there's no room for downtime or compromise. That's why we've tailored our services to ensure your operations run smoothly, allowing you to focus on what you do best: creating a positive impact in the world.

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Our family

The Concourse Team

Dedicated experts with a passion for data, security, and the way data works for the world.

Glen Kendell
Founder & CEO
Haleh Kendell
Director of Operations
Henry Hillaire
Director of Deployment Services
T.K. Kapelak
Account Manager
William Green
Security Operations Technician
Hunter Johnson
Application Database Specialist
Oliver Bay
Customer Experience Lead
Damon Moody
Automation and Build Engineer
Minoo Ahdieh
Operations Manager
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