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Giving Level Year over Year Trend

Shows percent increase or decrease year over year for a given 10x gift ladder pyramid.

Giving Level Year over Year Trend
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  1. Data Source

    I started with a simple data source containing all relevant gift data.


    Gift Date, Gift Type, Gifts ID, Giving Level


    Gift Amount

    Calculated Fields:

    Gift Date FY

    [Gift Date]

    There's nothing special about the value of this calculated field since it's simply the Gift Date. However, once I created this as a calculated field, I right clicked and went to Default Properties, Fiscal Year Start and choose Data Source.

    On the backend, we already defined the fiscal year as a property of the data source. We do this automatically for Concourse customers who use our Tableau service. We look at your data and determine your fiscal year. You can instead simply manually assign the appropriate month for when your fiscal year starts.This way the view will show fiscal year instead of calendar year.

    Actual Gift Amount

    {FIXED [Gifts ID]: MIN([Gift Amount])}

    I de-normalized the underlying gift data which results in multiple rows with the same Gifts ID. Using the FIXED level of detail, I created this calculated field to ensure I'm getting just one gift amount for each ID.

    Giving Level

    I used a big IF, THEN, ELSE statement to break down gift amounts into my different giving level bins.

    IF [Actual Gift Amount] <= 10 THEN 'Up to $10'

    ELSEIF [Actual Gift Amount] > 10 AND [Actual Gift Amount] <= 100 THEN '$10 - $100'

    ELSEIF [Actual Gift Amount] > 100 AND [Actual Gift Amount] <= 1000 THEN '$100 - $1K'

    ELSEIF [Actual Gift Amount] > 1000 AND [Actual Gift Amount] <= 10000 THEN '$1K - $10K'

    ELSEIF [Actual Gift Amount] > 10000 AND [Actual Gift Amount] <= 100000 THEN '$10K- $100K'

    ELSEIF [Actual Gift Amount] > 100000 AND [Actual Gift Amount] <= 1000000 THEN '$100K - $1M'

    ELSE 'More than $1M'


    Once you see how it works, you can easily modify it to reflect the giving levels used at your organization!

  2. Marks



    I left the Automatic setting on, which defaulted to displaying bars. I prefer horizontal bars because they provide a great way to visualize different values side-by-side.


    SUM([Actual Gift Amount])

    I dragged the Actual Gift Amount pill to the Color Mark and Tableau automatically assigned SUM to it. I then selected Quick Table Calculation, Percent Difference from the pill which did all this funky business for me:

    (ZN(SUM([Actual Gift Amount])) - LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Actual Gift Amount])), -1)) / ABS(LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Actual Gift Amount])), -1))

    For the color, I chose Red, Blue Diverging, changed the opacity to 90% and selected a gray border. I always like to use a border on bar charts to help them pop. When choosing the color, I went under Advanced and checked the box for Center and put in the value of 0. This step is key. Since this value is a percentage, any negative percentages show as red and positive ones as blue.


    SUM([Actual Gift Amount])

    Rinse and repeat. Same pill. Same Quick Table Calculation. I used Century Gothic 11pt font and selected bold to help with emphasis.

    Tool Tip:

    SUM([Actual Gift Amount])

    I included the giving level, the fiscal year, the sum of the gift amount of the percent difference all in the tool tip to provide a quick summary of a given bar.

  3. View


    SUM(Actual Gift Amount) with Percent Difference Quick Table Calculation


    Year(Gift Date FY), Giving Level

    I increased the vertical size of the rows by dragging with the mouse to make them bigger. I then clicked on Size in the Marks card and dragged the slider to the left to decrease the size of the bars themselves.

    I removed the axis, grid lines and row banding in order to create a clean display that emphasizes the content. I did leave a row line to separate out years from each other and a column line at 0% to separate out the positive giving levels from the negative giving levels.

    I made the font for the years much larger to emphasize the year over year aspect of the workbook.

This Tableau workbook offers a great way to quickly see how giving has changed across giving levels from year to year.

I included a filter for Gift Type. It's very important that you understand what gift types you're including or omitting from any workbook you make. Depending upon the audience, you may want to hide this filter.

The other filters for Gift Date FY and Giving Level allow the user to interact with the workbook and pick dates and giving levels they want to focus on.

Next steps

You can easily replace the data fields with your own data, extracted from The Raiser's Edge or your fundraising software of choice. Since this workbook does a year by year analysis, you won't have to worry about updating the data that often!

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