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Blackbaud CRM Managed Hosting

Your data services and advancement teams more productive and happy. Imagine that!

All environments securely managed for you

Act as part of your team

Expertise with back-end of Blackbaud CRM

how is concourse different?

Blackbaud CRM Focus

Our team only works with Blackbaud and related software.

We understand the complexity, quirks, and nuances of hosting it and managing all the back-end components. No matter how complex your setup, we’re there to help you every step of the way.

And we love what we do.

Speedy Environment Refresh

Keep your secondary environments up to date, allowing you to better test changes and customizations before unleashing them on Production.

Change Management

We help keep you organized by deploying customizations, running scripts and making sure the environments keep running smoothly.

Flexible Yet Secure

PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance, protecting your Blackbaud CRM databases and backups at all times. Can your internal team say the same?

Control Over Upgrades

You decide when to patch or upgrade Blackbaud CRM. Then we do it for you. It’s that simple! We also coordinate back-end changes like new versions of SQL or Windows Server.

Firewall Rules and Tunneling

If you have complex integration needs, you have options! We’ll help ensure that whatever the approach, it’s done securely.

SQL Access

Grant custom permissions for your core team members. Run SQL scripts, execute stored procedures, check for blocking, perform captures with SQL Profiler, and more. All protected by Duo 2-factor authentication.

Stay Organized

Change Management

Isolated Development

Get a dedicated Development environment that is completely isolated from your other environments. Your dev team will work worry-free, with zero risk of impacting Production.

QA Validation

Once a release is ready, we’ll work with your team to create a release package consisting of software changes, database changes, and any other changes. Once approved, our staff will deploy this package to your Staging environment or any other environment you request.

Release to Production

Once the package passes QA without any changes, it may be scheduled for release to Production. Our staff can schedule this deployment to happen at a time convenient for you.

The Key: Planning and Testing

Easy Migration

Our team can install, configure, and migrate every aspect of Blackbaud CRM.

All without the assistance of Blackbaud.

Weekly meetings throughout the migration

Work with the same technician through go-live

Dry run before final migration

Go-live done on your schedule

Migration included at no additional cost

Other Options

Some Extras You May Need

Custom Application Hosting

Other applications that talk to Blackbaud CRM? We can host many custom or third party applications.

Tableau Server Hosting

We’re big Tableau Server fans and know the software well. SSO integration with Office 365 or Google available.

Secure Tunneling

Connect to on-premise systems. We help keep your applications connected without sacrificing security compliance.

Load Balancing

Options available to cover a range of needs from high availability to security to special routing.

Power BI Server Hosting

Prefer to use Microsoft Power BI? Let us host that for you as well.

Fast Database Transfer

Receive full Blackbaud CRM SQL database backups quickly and securely.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We continuously monitor your systems for service impacting issues such as logs of errors and warnings, behavior anomalies, latency, resource consumption, and availability.

Quarterly Resource Assessment

Always be in the know about your Blackbaud CRM’s health. We provide you with quarterly assessments so you can stay on top of your resource utilization and understand your growth.