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Blackbaud CRM Affordable Hosting

Less costly than the public cloud. Better support than on-premises. Migration included.

Hosting and management all included

Transparent pricing with no hidden costs

Best-in-class services and features

Blackbaud CRM Hosting Plans


Is This The Right Fit For Us?

Your needs are simple. Your organization runs BBCRM “out of the box” with few, if any, customizations and no ongoing custom development.

Is This the Right Fit For Us?

You have a number of customizations and standard integrations such as PaperSave. You have an ongoing inhouse custom development effort or are just starting one.

Is This the Right Fit for Us?

Your needs are complex with significant custom integrations, some of which may be on-premise, in the cloud, or both. You have multiple custom development efforts.

Additional Hosting Costs

Pure Storage


We calculate the actual storage used across all systems and environments, rounded up to the nearest TB.  For example, if your total storage footprint adds up to 1.4TB, your cost would be $10,000/yr.

As a technical note, storage can be tricky to calculate due to thin provisioning. However, our storage layer uses VMware vVol technology. File clean up and UNMAP happen automatically. Any temporarily provisioned storage gets reclaimed as free space. To translate, this means we’re able to calculate your actual storage used at any point in time.

Storage costs apply only to systems running on Pure Storage. Systems that process and store backups are excluded.

SQL Server

Bring Your Own License

or $55,000/yr

If your hosting solution includes a dedicated physical host, the entire hardware must be licensed to use Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition. This allows the physical host to run an unlimited number of virtual servers with SQL. Each dedicated physical host has two (2) 8-core sockets for a total of 16 cores. 

For those with multiple dedicated physical hosts, you only need to license the host running your Production instances of SQL.

For example, one physical host may run the Production environment and a second physical host all the other environments. In this case, you need only license the physical host running Production.

SSL Certificates

From $250/yr

Concourse partners with the industry leader, DigiCert to provide and manage SSL Certificates on your behalf. Below are the types of certificates available:

Single Domain SSL

  • Standard 1 year – $250
  • Standard 2 years – $450
  • Extended Validation 1 year – $425
  • Extended Validation 2 year – $650

Multi-Domain SSL

  • Multi-Domain 1 year – $450
  • Multi-Domain 2 years – $750
  • Extended Validation 1 year – $700
  • Extended Validation 2 years – $1,100
  • Wildcard 1 year – $850
  • Wildcard 2 years – $1,650

Why Doesn't Concourse Include a SQL License for Dedicated Physical Hosts?

We’re a small business and you’re a nonprofit. Neither of us wants to give any more money to Microsoft than we absolutely have to!

Many nonprofits can obtain Microsoft SQL licenses at a discount. We allow the option for you to use a SQL license you may already have.

Concourse is a Microsoft Licensed Mobility Partner. As such, Microsoft allows the use of your eligible license of Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition with us. To qualify, your license must be under an eligible Microsoft Volume License agreement with Software Assurance.  

In summary, your SQL licensing options are:

Option A:  Bring Your Own License.  You will need eight (8) 2-core bundles of Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition.
Option B:  License using Concourse.  In this case, your cost for each 2-core bundle is $6,875/yr for a total additional cost of $55,000/yr.

Keep in mind this cost only applies if your hosting solution includes one or more dedicated physical hosts. 

Key Features

Included at No Additional Cost

Environment Refresh

Secondary environments refreshed within 24 hours.

Change Management

Assistance with deployment of scripts, customizations, updates and more.


Weekly meetings with a dedicated technician to plan and test everything.

Sentry One

Essential SQL database monitoring for performance and other issues.

SQL Optimization

Key settings like Cost Threshold for Parallelism and memory usage.

Direct SQL Access

Special access allowed for approved core team members.

High Availability

Virtual systems automtically move and restart on secondary hardware.

Sandbox Environment

Bonus environment available for special testing needs.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Required for any access by our staff or yours to a back-end system.

Fast Database Transfer

Get an encrypted full SQL backup of BBCRM in less than an hour!

Uptime Monitoring

External monitoring service with monthly uptime reports.

SQL Index Maintenance

Update statistics, other maintenance according to fragmentation.

Disaster Recovery

Replication to secondary data center with 4-hr RPO and 24-hr RTO.

Backup Archives

SQL backups retained for one year – or longer if needed.

Technical Support

We know Blackbaud CRM and work with BB support on your behalf.

Microsoft Software

Licenses for Windows Server and Visual Studio included.

Future Rebuilds

Planned server rebuilds to keep pace with technology changes.

System Hardening

We follow NIST guidance used by US DoD for hardening systems.

System Monitoring

CPU, memory, disk and other key system resources.

Custom Firewall Rules

Restrict access or other special requirements.

Private VLAN

Your systems are isolated at network layers 2 and 3.

Intrusion Prevention

High performance deep packet inspection using Sonicwall NSA 5600s.

Webroot Anti-Virus

Lighweight and centrally managed endpoint protection.


Centralized aggregation, monitoring and anaysis of Windows logs.

Windows Patching

Critical security patches applied during weekly 1-hr maintenance window.

New SQL Versions

Work with you to plan, test, and update to new versions of SQL.

Backups of Backups

30-days worth of SQL backups replicated to secondary data center.

One-of-a-Kind Focus

Concourse may be the world’s only independent hosting provider who focuses exclusively on Blackbaud CRM.

You’ll find our approach quite different from competitive hosting providers which simply treat you like a metered commodity.

Is Concourse a Good Fit?

We might not be.

Let’s get to the bottom of the challenges you face. Maybe we can help in ways you hadn’t imagined.

For the right organization, Concourse might just make all the difference.