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Need a fast, secure hosting provider who understands The Raiser's Edge, The Financial Edge, Blackbaud CRM, and other Blackbaud software? As independent specialists, we're ready to help with your Blackbaud data hosting and support all manner of extra hosting needs, third party software, and custom software.

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    The Raiser’s Edge, The Financial Edge, and more

    You get a custom hosting solution with dedicated virtual servers and everything managed for you by an independent team experienced with Blackbaud software. PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant.

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    Data Warehouse or Dev Environment

    Can’t move your live hosting? Let us host a backup copy! You'll get your own custom data warehouse or dev environment with your Blackbaud CRM or Raiser's Edge NXT data. Whatever your 'extra' hosting needs, rest assured we protect your data exactly the same as if it were live, leaving you more time to focus on supporting your fundraising teams.

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Blackbaud Hosted Concourse Hosted On-Premise
Team experienced with Blackbaud products Yes Yes
Service Delivery Shared Dedicated Varies
Isolation Shared Private Network Varies
Multiple data centers from different providers Unknown Yes
Replication to geographically distant data center Unknown Yes
Private cloud platform Citrix VMware Enterprise Plus Varies
Custom firewall rules Yes Yes
SQL backend access for authorized users Yes Yes
Duo Two factor authentication Yes
Disaster recovery testing on demand Yes
Control over updates and patching Yes
Control over backup schedule Yes
Control over SQL version level Yes Yes
Control over SQL re-indexinf Yes Yes
PCI DSS compliance with annual 3rd party audit Unknown Yes
HIPAA compliance with annual 3rd party audit Unknown Yes
Signs BAAs Yes

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