Video Exploration: SSO Options for Blackbaud CRM

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  • On Today's Episode:

On Today's Episode:

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Today, Alex Hels will dig a little deeper into your current options for Single Sign On for Blackbaud CRM.

This is part of our Hidden Costs series, where we continue to explore aspects of the Blackbaud CRM migration process that are easy to overlook during the planning phase.

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You ever get the feeling like something isn't quite right with your current Blackbaud CRM hosting arrangement? You might be onto something.
Organizations that use Blackbaud CRM are especially at risk of an identical data breach just like the one that hit Blackbaud.
This video reviews some of the specialist roles you can onboard to make a Blackbaud CRM Migration easier.
Feel like you missed something during the planning phase of your Blackbaud CRM Migration? Discover what other organizations overlook when migrating.