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Your independent alternative for Blackbaud data hosting.

Concourse provides hosting for well over 100 organizations including some of the biggest clients in the Blackbaud software portfolio. Your data are securely hosted in a private cloud infrastructure that we ourselves own and operate. We call Dallas, Texas home for our data center where your Blackbaud data are hosted. Plus, we have a secondary disaster recovery location in Seattle. As VMware and Microsoft partners, we're committed to providing our nonprofit customers with the latest cloud technologies. If you care about security, know we undergo PCI DSS and HIPAA audits each year. That's kind of a big deal and certainly not something you'll get from Azure or AWS. So no matter whether you're in search of primary hosting for your Blackbaud data, or a safe place to do development or analytics, know that your data are in good hands with the friendly team at Concourse.

“You can learn the technique, but passion is cultivated through dedication, love, pride and respect in your work.”
- Piero Bambi

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